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Posted by Anna Belleforte on April 10, 2018 at 2:35 PM

Right now I’m just looking at the basics: the simple line. Lines are always of interest to me because they are so versatile: they can define objects, they guide sightlines, they are something you can (almost) grab hold of, they represent ‘going places’ and continuity… and so much more. I like working with line and making lines. So I’ve been gathering a collection of lines found in Budapest. Especially lines that seem insignificant when viewed in terms of scale: the thin electric wires that drive the trams are barely seen in contrast to the larger volumes of the city. Yet these tenuous lines carry the weight of an entire urban infrastructure. And the lines that tell us to stay off the road, that mark boundaries, that carry gases up to the sky…

I’m always looking to develop ideas that play with or say something about scale, whether it’s as simple as representing something as massive as a city on a postcard, or the small lines that stand for something bigger, or something more conceptually complex. These lines I’m collecting may turn out to be nothing, but they are a good way to absorb small details (my natural inclination anyway) in a big environment.

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Reply Sheryl
8:14 PM on April 10, 2018 
It sounds like you are buzzing with ideas already!! Looking at the pictures you have just posted reminded me of a couple of photo competitions (just on Photocrowd) where I needed to present abstracts. Zooming in on the shadows of objects, cropping photos and/or turning them around onto their sides or completely upside down, plus changing their exposure draws you in to the lines and shapes, obscuring the whole but giving a new perspective. One photo I did is of the shadow of an iron gate with curlicues - just like the picture you have drawn above! Others have been of curved steps, glass dishes, fir trees, flowers - a huge variety of man-made and natural things with different kinds of line and shape. Like you say in an earlier post, I am split between favouring the soothing quality of smooth curves (often natural) and the spikey adventure of sharp, straight lines! These can also intersect and overlap to create interesting contrasts. I really like your sketches - you could combine all of those to make an urban space of your own. I liked the idea that tenuous and delicate lines carry the weight of the infrastructure of the city. Lines can also tie things together, form links and connections that expand or contract. Maybe details could be contained within something of a much lager scale that you would not usually associate with the patterns/lines of the details shown? So say a huge, cold angular building (maybe rather like the Shard) decorated or imprinted with soft, gentle ripples from water and the details of twigs and branches that you have bottom right on your sketches, or with the lines you have when ice cracks. There was a Japanese painting on an episode of the BBC Civilization programme recently that was simply lines on a large white sheet of paper - ice cracking on a lake, disappearing into mist at the back. Your sketch of phone wires above the iron trellis work reminds me of that. Good luck and have fun with it all! :-D xxx