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talking buildings

Posted by Anna Belleforte on April 6, 2018 at 8:40 AM

Anyone who has studied architecture understands that buildings speak to us and tell us something about ourselves. Our preferences in style or form are tangible expressions of what we feel is good and what makes us happy. Of course, few of us can actually commission a building, and living in a city there is little personal choice about which buildings we converse with. But there are choices in: which neighbourhood you frequent, which routes you take, where you have your coffee or just sit to admire the view. Going in search of the shapes, patterns and atmospheres in a city makes me happy and meets my penchant for ‘bearings’ and overview. I may have a split personality (the buildings tell me), in that I am drawn to both curvaceous aristocratic architecture and the angles of decline and collapse. I can’t decide which to focus on as I walk through Budapest. Obviously the two opposites speak of the history of Budapest, and tell us about the transition it is undergoing now. Both are interesting themes and spark ideas for painting/drawing out. But one is more likely to give me more layers to work with.

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