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piece by piece, laying bricks

Posted by Anna Belleforte on May 13, 2018 at 9:25 AM

Although it takes time, it’s not so hard thinking up ideas (maybe only easily said once you have one). It’s the execution that poses real difficulties. I knew that some of those difficulties would dissolve by painting bigger. But other new ones are on the horizon. It’s difficult to maintain the crispness and clarity of collaged acrylic papers on a large scale. This size simply requires much more painterly work. Or so felt. I’ve come to realise that I’m really more of a builder than a painter. I had created some interesting texture with teabags, then managed to kill that with paint while trying to pull it together, losing all the random tea stains (and the evidence of tea drunk at this residency). The walls are too expansive to be left as uninteresting planes. I came to see that I really only could do it by focusing on every individual inch, applying inch by inch with colour to create a pattern … I’m just a builder. I see that while I’m fascinated by the large scale, I can only process it through the small scale. Some people are able to build (or happen upon) surprising effects through paint, I can only do so through collage, piece by piece, and sometimes surprisingly leave behind an interesting effect.

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