MAPS: Narrative Maps MAPS: Narrative Maps An American in Sicily Maps of eastern states patterned into a Sicilain pavement with gouache figure, 50x65cm. 173620628 Julia in Corsica Maps of Corsica & Southwestern States patterned into a quilt with gouache figure, 50x65cm. 171315297 A Separation in Europe Maps of Germany, Spain, France and Scotland with figures in pen, 50x65cm. 201108873 Dutch Embrace A map of the Netherlands reconfigured. On paper, 65x50cm 196307948 Love in Brabant A map of the Province of North Brabant with road lines shaping the couple. On paper, 65x50cm. 196307949 California Dreamin' A map of California reconfigured. On paper, 50x40cm 196307950 East meets West A reconfigured map of a united Germany with wrestling fingures. On paper, 50x50cm. 174580477 Waiting in Germany collage on paper, 18x29cm 182537722 Royal Match 1950s Dutch map restructured into official portrait of Juliana and Bernhard 205770127 Hungarian dogs: Pumi Assemblage of maps of Hungarian cities. 40x40cm on paper 205770052 Hungarian dogs: Viszla Restructured photographic aerial map of Budapest. 40x40cm on paper 205770053 Sample commissioned work: Swiss landscape Combination of Dutch and Swiss maps 205770126