MAPS: Narrative Maps MAPS: Narrative Maps An American in Sicily Maps of eastern states patterned into a Sicilain pavement with gouache figure, 50x65cm. 173620628 Julia in Corsica Maps of Corsica & Southwestern States patterned into a quilt with gouache figure, 50x65cm. 171315297 A Separation in Europe Maps of Germany, Spain, France and Scotland with figures in pen, 50x65cm. 201108873 Dutch Embrace A map of the Netherlands reconfigured. On paper, 65x50cm 196307948 Love in Brabant A map of the Province of North Brabant with road lines shaping the couple. On paper, 65x50cm. 196307949 California Dreamin' A map of California reconfigured. On paper, 50x40cm 196307950 East meets West A reconfigured map of a united Germany with wrestling fingures. On paper, 50x50cm. 174580477 Waiting in Florida collage on paper, 18x29cm 182537721 Waiting in Germany collage on paper, 18x29cm 182537722