COLLAGE: Myth-building & other series COLLAGE: Myth-building & other series Myth-building: Jumping acrylic and collage, 16x16cm 198095095 Myth-building: Treading lightly collage on paper, 23x21cm 199078341 Myth-building: Launch/Lunge collage, 16x16cm 198583240 Myth-building: Flying acrylic and collage, 30x40cm 198095093 Myth-building: The Moon collage and acrylic 191044035 Myth-building: Wings collage and acrylic 191044136 Myth-building Balancing collage and acrylic 191044139 Myth-building: The Butterfly collage and acrylic 191044138 Myth-building: Thinking collage, acrylic and ink 191044143 Myth-building: Cottage Dreams collage on paper, 25x13 cm 199078343 Myth-building: Elephant & Obelisk acrylic and collage, 42x27cm 198228075 Myth-building: Stirring collage and watercolour, 40x30cm 191044142 Myth-building: Documenting acrylic and collage, 40x30cm 198095094 Myth-building: Running collage and acrylic, 33x50cm 191044141 Myth-building: Testing 198583241 Myth-building: Green Help collage on paper, 42x36 cm 199078342 Myth-building: Arresting 199037185 Myth-building: Rocking collage on paper, 35x25 cm 199078344 Myth-building: Surgery collages, 42x27cm 199037184 Timescapes: American Forward collage on paper, 50x40cm Series exploring the landscapes seen (or unseen) in art history. 196307185 Timerscapes: The Papers collage, 32.5 x 20.5 cm 201108874 Timescapes: Monday Afternoon collage & acrylic on paper, 47x70cm 196946087 Timescapes: Virgin Blue collage on paper, 40x50cm 196307188 Timescapes: Winter acrylic and collage on paper, 31x50cm 196307186 Timescapes: Chris acrylic and collage on panel, 40x61cm Sold 196307187 Timescapes: Pomona's Yield collage & acrylic on panel, 37.5 x 61.2 cm 196946088 Timescapes (Friedrich) acrylic and collage on canvas, 40x40cm Sold 196307184