The series Places (2019) explored moments of transition, buildings abandoned, the aesthetics of neglect. The works were all built with pieces of paper: maps relevant to the place, transparently painted in acrylic, and natural textures from magazine pages.

Price range: € 750 - 3000


In this collection, all of it is really about vernacular architecture and how it tells stories about human history.
Palimpsest is a current series (2023- ) showing architectural interventions over time: not exact recordings, but all based on real-life observations (of mostly European buildings). 
Some titles also suggest something about the human condition: how we think and interact with people as much as with buildings. The series Urban Cavities (2019-22) started with 3 large works made as artist-in-residence in Budapest in 2018, focusing on the empty lots of Pest. They show spaces of nothing that still speak of something: breathing space or light in the urban fabric, unexpected details of interest, or spaces temporarily forgotten yet not devoid of significance.