Art about the balance/contrasts of nature and architecture or when nature is architecture, like the shelter or architectural lines found in nature.  Natural Architecture ideas started with some Rockwalls (2018-19): nature’s textures, patterns and colours are just so appealing. I am currently (2023) exploring naturally occurring architecture or natural scenes (with creative license) that fit into an architectural feel. Fundamentally, the source of architecture is in nature: the post and lintel in stone or wood being the first forays into building.    

Price range: € 200-1400

Timber Trust (2022-23) emerged in conjunction with Free Masonry, but combine architectural suggestion with realistically drawn trees. In doing so they seem to express something about nature's power to support and sustain us throughout all of our craziness, and about the competition and balance between architecture and the natural environment, and even express something of the ever-looming potential for unrest.  Also three works emerged with the theme of Daphne (who turned into a tree to flee Apollo).   

Price range: € 200-700