maps restructured

Print of an original map that was cut up and reassembled. An affordable way to get a place or theme-specific work of art - the making of an original takes many hours! The A5 size (148 x 210 mm) fits a standard frame. Place names are legible on the actual print.

Choose 1 of the 5 shown: 
French Promenade – a great gift for anyone with a French connection 
California Dreaming – with the ocean on the ‘wrong’ side and road lines that form an embracing couple
Love in Brabant – a heartwarming stroll, done in a Dutch regional map of north Brabant 
Royal Portrait – a 1957 map restructured to form a portrait of Dutch Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard
Dutch Embrace – a jumble of red roads form the clinch of Dutch lovers.

Artist signature and title written on the back. Printed on EU-ecolabel certificate paper: fully biodegradable and recyclable, no bleaches or chlorine added. 

The price includes shipping and any applicable taxes. 

Interested in the original? ASK ME whether it's still available. Or ask about commissions with spcific maps.

A5 prints: "Couples" map figures
couple / map
EUR € 16