From a Feng Shui perspective, an image in your home that shows water can help attract flow and easier movement into your life. “House by the Sea” is ‘of the sea’: it’s actually composed of photographic images of water cut from books and magazines and repurposed to build this composition. (Even the sky was a photo of water.)
This is the original analogue collage. From the Architactile series that explored building structures with 'live' textures cut from magazines. It’s also available as limited edition print (max. 10) on request. On alu-Dibond and framed in a wood tone that best fits the image: €185.

Signed on the back.
Original art: photographic collage on paper. Size is circa 30 x 42 cm.
Artwork sent (unframed) in a padded envelope. Work can be framed for an extra €50 and picked up in Soest (NL).

House by the Sea
EUR € 300